Monday, July 21, 2008

Before and After - Arlo

Ah, America loves its before and after photos, doesn't it? I admit they are a guilty pleasure. So I will be showing you some fore and aft pics of furniture that has been re-fabbed.
Here at Yellow Dog, we love strays - animals, furniture and bric-a-brac.
And of course, the difference between a stray and a cherished item is a name.
So, for your consideration, I offer Arlo.
My friend, Amy and I were hurrying to a neighborhood yard sale, when Amy spotted the homely table sitting by the side of the road. We screeched to a halt and immediately scooped him up. The woman who put him up for "adoption" flagged us down and gave us the drawer that was missing.

Ella immediately made the new stray feel at home and gave us the inspiration for his new look - linen-white paint and a crystal and chrome knob.

Isn't he refabulous?


CharlotteV said...

Re-fabulous! Hey, is Arlo for sale? Where???

Flickster said...

Yes, Arlo is at Katy-Did Antique Center, 140 E. Main Avenue in downtown Gastonia